The Everlong popularity of skating: Reasons behind the boom

The Everlong popularity of skating: Reasons behind the boom

Skating referred to as skateboarding, ice-skating, roller-skating, or rollerblading has been a popular sport for centuries. A sport that was introduced as an art form or as a cultural centerpiece has now become quite popular due to television events, Olympics games, and video games.

The popularity of these sports dominates all age groups starting from a four-year kid to a 70-year-old people. However, the gender gap seen in the popularity of these sports varies. Where a rough figure of 70% is for men interested in skateboarding as compared to 30% of female adults interested in this sport. However, children or youngsters love to do roller and in-line skating together devoid of any gender difference. A reason why more than half of the clients of online skate shops are youngsters including both girls and boys.

Is there a comeback of skating?

Skating is a cool and cheap start sport that has always been popular among the masses. However, the recent comeback is quite amazing. The large social media power and numerous video games made about skating have increased the popularity of this sport. Allowing a million-dollar industry of skating to grow both in online and physical stores. The 2021 Olympics games and the pandemic scenario have also contributed to the popularity of this sport.

The fashion industry and skating

Photographs with fashion icons wearing a branded hat over their head and a skateboard under their foot have long been a part of fashion magazines. The designer t-shirt and a blunt color skirt while ice skating are also something stylish to see.The reason why skating has always been linked with the fashion industry. Having constant popularity in the fashion world.

Best sports to enroll in kids

Parents enthusiastic about building their kids’ personalities try to enroll their kids in inline and roller skating from the age of three or four. As they think that skating can better help in developing motor skills, coordination, and attention span of their children. Classes of at least 30 minutes are conducted for beginners. These classes are then followed by a session of almost 15 minutes for both parents and children for a better experience and learning. Making the game more fun and interactive.

Popular among adults

Skateboarding and ice skating is a quite popular game among adults, and many practices over the year to participate in the world’s competitive games. According to ActionWatch, there were almost 8.87 million skateboards alone in the USA in the year 2020. Where its inclusion in the Olympics, a global platform, is seen as a part of evolution. Making it a mainstream sport.

Coronavirus could not stop skaters

Coming towards the pandemic times, skating has seen a boom in its popularity. A sport where one can just carry a four-wheeler board and play on its own without any need for a team member, rules, or physical interaction. All one need is a flat platform and a motivated sportsman’s heart. This sport makes playing possible without breaking the sops i.e. social distancing. A reason why a rise in the popularity of this game was seen around the globe.

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