Top 10 starting hands of texas Holdem poker to win the Game

As a newbie, you should always go into a game of Texas Hold’em with the awareness that, yes, you can lose, but that, because you will be playing close and also only opening strong hands, you will likely be in a better position than your opposition to win once you join a pot. The top 10 starting hands in Texas Hold’em are essential knowledge for players just starting. It will be much simpler for you to play poker once you have these top 10 hands noted down.

1.  Packet Aces

Know about the top 10 starting hands in  Holdem poker

Each poker player is familiar with the strength of these poker hand rankings. Aces in the pocket are also considered to be the best starting hand in poker cards hand order. They are a 4:1 favorite above any other poker chart hand pre-flop because they make better poker hands at this stage. If you are a serial grinder, you must be familiar with how to play the best poker hand, which is an ace in your pocket, because it wins one out of every 221 times. Alternately referred to as Pocket Rockets and Two Pips.

2.  Pocket Kings

Following a pair of aces as the best possible starting hand. However, if an Ace appears after the flop, you will be eliminated from the game if any of the other players holding a starting hand also has an Ace.

3.  Pocket Queens

It’s a very good hand to have two queens, also known as “ladies.” You would then lose if your opponent has a king or an ace, but as long as they have jacks or lower, you have the advantage, and that would be a lot of cards.

4.  Pocket Jacks

When there are 10 players in hand, having a pair of jacks would then win — nearly 20 percent of the time. You must proceed with caution if the flop reveals a queen, king, or ace, but otherwise, everything should go smoothly.

5.  Ace-King(suited)

The ace-king-suited hand is the very first non-paired hand that we’ve seen, and it’s the next hand on our list. Even though you are behind any pocket pair going into the pre-flop, one such hand gives you a huge amount of potential for top pair, flush or straight draw, as well as tends to put you forward with all those other unpaired hands going further into a flop.

6.  10-10

It is the only card in the top five starting hands in the poker chart that is not a picture card. You could indeed win even if this card, which is also referred to as “dimes,” does not appear on the flop. Some players think that a pair of suited King-Jack is superior to a pair of 10-10.

7.  Ace-Queen (Suited)

This particular Texas Hold’em poker hand is considered to be of a high level of relative strength in comparison to other starting winning poker chart hands, which places it high in the poker order. It is a difficult hand to play, and you may have to fold also after hitting a pair on the flop. If you don’t hit the flop with this poker hand, it’s best to fold and get out of there before things get worse.

8.  Ace-King(Offsuit)

The Ace-King offsuit seems to be the only set of cards on this list that does not have a matching pair and does not have a suit associated with it. Even though this hand does not have the same potential to complete a flush draw as Ace-King suited does, this is still a very strong hand that seems to have a good chance of making a pair on the flop.

9.  Ace-Jack

Another excellent drawing hand is an ace-jack combination. Although having a suited hand is always going to give you an advantage here, unsuited can still be played.

10.              King-Queen (Suited)

One of the best poker chart hands for the Texas Hold’em flop is a pair of kings and queens that are suitably suited. It makes a large number of straights as well as flushes possible, and the chances of hitting a high pair make it among the best poker chart hands you can play. Playing this hand is recommended.


Poker is a difficult card game to master. However, if you put in the effort to learn new things and get some practice, you will undoubtedly improve. Therefore, it is essential to improve this aspect of your game to help you excel. If you want to know more about poker charts you can visit GetMega, which is one of the best sources to learn the poker charts and all about poker.

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