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It has been asserted that in No-Limit Hold’em, the player is more important than the cards in the game. There is some validity to what they are saying, but in the beginning, the skill that would be of the utmost assistance to you is probably the ability to gauge relative hand strength. Because of this, rankings of the best starting hands in the poker chart could indeed serve as a kind of guide or cheat sheet for new players.

Royal Flush

Here are the top winning hands in poker you must know

The royal flush is the best possible hand in poker and occupies the highest possible position overall. The best possible poker hand is a variation of the straight flush that consists of the cards A, K, Q, J, and 10 all of which are the same suit.

Straight Flush

The poker hand, known as the straight flush, is considered to have a higher profile in popular culture and works of fiction than it does in actual play. There are a lot of professional poker players who have gone through their professional existence without ever catching a glimpse of this. It should not be too difficult to understand: for a hand to be considered a straight flush, it must contain a dual straight and a flush.

Four of a kind

The following hand within the sequence of winning poker chart hands is a four-of-a-kind. Four cards of the very same rank, although of different suits, make up a four-of-a-kind hand, which is also referred to as quads. The fifth card of such a different rank completes the hand. A kicker is another name for the fifth card in a deck. The following is an illustration of a Four of a Kind hand: ten hearts, ten spades, ten diamonds, as well as a jack of spades.

Three of a Kind

Now we’ll look at some of the more common types of hands. A full house is achieved by obtaining three cards of the same value as well as two cards of a different value. Consider the hand A-A-A-K-K as an illustration. You could also think of this as having Three of a Kind in addition to One Pair accompanying it to make things clear and understandable and get a better grasp on how a Full House poker chart hand is constructed.

Straight Flush

A Straight Flush is a poker hand that consists of five cards that are all of a different suit and are ordered in the correct numerical value sequence. For example, you could make a Straight Flush by combining the 10 Clubs, 9 of Spades, 8 of Spades, 7 of Hearts, and 6 of Clubs. When determining the poker hand rankings of Straight Flush hands created by various players, the rank of the highest card within the sequence is used as the basis for comparison. For example, a straight hand beginning with a Queen is better than a straight hand beginning with a Jack in terms of its rank.

Full House

We are now moving into the territory of poker chart hands that are not very common. If you draw cards at random from a standard deck, you will only get a three-of-a-kind one every 47 times. You may have already figured out that each of these hands consists of three cards of the very same rank, plus two additional cards that aren’t paired.

Two pairs

You have 2 sets of cards that both have the same number or rank on them, for example, 5-5-4-4. You have two pairs of cards if you have one set of sevens and another set of nines. This poker chart hand does not even make the top ten list of great hands. It is not very exciting, but if Lady Luck is on your side and not on the side of anyone else, it could end up being profitable.


A pair would be the next best hand in poker after a high card. This occurs whenever a player has two cards with the same value in their hand at the same time. A pair of tens, for instance, would be composed of two individual tens.

It is common practice to refer to a hand in which a player has been dealt a pair as a “pocket” hand. For instance, if a player has been dealt a pair of Kings in their hand, they might be referred to as having “Pocket Kings.”

No Pair

This very typical hand contains the value “nothing.” There isn’t a pair among these five cards, and they don’t all have the same suit, nor do they go in order from lowest to highest. When more than one player does not have a pair, the hands are ranked according to the highest card that is contained in each hand. For example, a hand with an ace as the highest card manages to beat a hand with a king also as the highest card, and so forth.


The most important step in figuring out which poker chart hand is the best one to play is to first commit the poker hand rankings as well as the proper order of poker hands to memory. You can acquire necessary information about poker charts on GetMega, which is one of the best platforms to learn about the poker chart and all about poker.

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