Top 5 Business Ideas in Kerala

Top 5 Business Ideas in Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful state that welcomes investment. Compared to other competitive states, Kerala has reasonable operating costs for start-up firms. A person who owns a small business has many advantages, including financial independence, learning new skills, the ability to live a desired lifestyle, and many more. Is there a more investor-friendly and cost-effective state to establish your small scale business in Kerala?

Banana Chips Business

In Kerala, snacks such as banana chips and jaggery-coated chips are prevalent. Bananas are one of the most profitable cash crops. The banana is a versatile fruit, and the idea of making banana chips is novel. It is thinly sliced and deep-fried in coconut oil until crispy. Kerala is the birthplace of banana chips. 

Starting a business in this industry will appeal to a wide range of customers, especially those outside the state and country. Good-quality banana chips have export potential. Banana chips have a sizable market and can be found in establishments such as clubs, schools, college canteens, railway stations and airline caterers, bars and pubs, and so on. Everyone enjoys this delicacy at all times.

Agarbatti Making

Lighting Agarbatti for various religious occasions is a popular tradition in Indian households. Some use it for spiritual purposes, while others enjoy the aroma. As a result, it is possible to make a fortune in a wealthy state like Kerala. This industry has a long and illustrious history, and it may be a less risky business with higher returns.

Making agarbatti is a relatively simple process. Agarbatti can be made by machine or by hand. Making agarbatti is a very profitable business, and depending on the number of units produced, it can be perfect.

Ayurveda Tourism

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing system that has become a significant selling point for Kerala’s tourism industry. People all over the world are beginning to recognize the benefits of Ayurveda. Kerala has a natural supply of traditional medicinal plants, so you won’t need to invest much to get started, aside from a property that isn’t too expensive.

Coconut Oil Business

Food production based on coconut oil is a profitable business with a low initial investment. Making coconut goods at home and selling them in the market is one of the best Kerala businesses to start. Snacks such as Rava Ladoos, Banana Halwa, various types of chips, Sweet, Jaggery Stuffed Pancake, pudding, Kerala spicy mixtures, roasted cashews, and other snacks can be made at home and sold online as well as to local retailers. People in India and worldwide adore coconut for its flavor and health benefits, so this business could be a massive success for you.

Crop Business

Kerala is a significant exporter of agricultural products such as spices, tea, coffee, coconut, cashew nuts, and marine products. Kerala accounts for roughly 75% of India’s coconut production. So why not turn this into a profitable investment? 

You can rent a plot of land and cultivate various crops and spices because land rentals are not prohibitively expensive. Following that, you will export them to other parts of the world. Click here to know more about business ideas in odisha

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