Traveling with your dog: an unforgettable adventure!

Traveling with your dog: an unforgettable adventure!

We all love to go on a well-deserved vacation every now and then. Hanging out on the beach for a week or an inspirational city trip is something we all desire. However, it can be hard to say goodbye to your four-legged friend, who you have to leave behind with family while you’re away. Take them with you next time! We’re sharing the ins and outs of traveling with your beloved pup.

Dog-friendly vacation homes

Taking a dog to a hotel is a unique experience, but a vacation home offers much more space and freedom. Especially if you book a vacation home surrounded by nature. Imagine your dog running free at  a vacation home in the woods or at the beach! Dog-friendly vacation homes are often equipped with a solid fence around your property, many walking areas, and of course many other dogs who are eager to meet your furry friend.

Taking your dog abroad?

Do you want to explore the world with your dog? Do not feel obliged to stay close to home and take your dog on an international adventure. Hot destinations are not always suitable for dogs and a city trip can quickly provide too many stimuli. Therefore, it’s best to seek nature so you and your dog can rest fully while exploring the area. Think of the green fields of France or Belgium, the unspoiled nature of Scandinavia, or the beautiful mountains of Germany and Austria. If you are more of a fan of the beach? Your dog will probably love joining you for a swim!

You can bring dogs on a plane, although this is not a very pleasant experience for them. Large dogs often travel as ‘cargo’. The noise and insecurity can make them very stressed, which you of course don’t want. Smaller dogs are allowed as ‘hand luggage’ by some airlines. Nevertheless, we advise you to travel by car if you take your dog along. You can always make a pit stop to let your dog out or to get some fresh air. Driving will make the journey a lot more relaxed for both of you.

Group travel or ‘pack travel’?

Just like you, your dog loves to go on vacation with his or her friends. Do you have family or friends with dogs? Then why not go on a dog-cation together? As you just read, traveling by car is a better option when you take your dog with you. You can rent a passenger bus (in Dutch: personenbus huren) to travel together. There are many sizes available, but to have enough space for people and animals you can rent a bus for 9 people (in Dutch: 9 persoonsbus huren).

Prepare your dog for the trip

Before you start packing the suitcase for you and your dog, you should check whether your dog has had the required vaccinations. A vaccination against rabies is not only advisable, but in some countries it’s even mandatory. In addition, it’s smart to have your dog chipped (if that is not already done). Your dog is going to roam around in unknown territory and can get lost. With a chip, you’ll always find eachother back in case of emergency. Before you leave, treat your dog against worms, fleas and ticks as well. There is a greater chance of catching them after a long walk in the woods than when they are lying on the couch at home.

Now that you know how to make sure your dog has a wonderful vacation, nothing can stand in your way. Have a nice trip!

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