How To Make Your Dubai Safari Tours Exciting?

Dubai, the famous city of UAE, is often called the city of gold, considering its lavish lifestyle and mesmerising beauty. From luxurious nightlife to magnificent skyline, you can experience every exoticness in this mighty land. However, being a desert city, it is the best place for a safari tour.

If you are looking for an ultimate guide to your Dubai safari tours, keep reading!

Places To Visit In Your Safari Tours Dubai

Here are the 6 best deserts to visit on your safari tour to Dubai:

  1. Liwa desert

If you are an experienced dune basher, Liwa oasis is a must-visit. Several festivals and challenges take place in this desert with the highest dunes. There are almost fifty villages in this desert, and all of them exhibit a rich desert culture. Apart from exploring the races and festivals, you can also explore the desert village lifestyle.

  1. Rub Al Khali

Located at a 2-hour journey from Abu Dhabi, this desert covers an area of 650,000 square km. The largest contiguous sand desert in the world is also called the “empty quarter”. While exploring the deserts of Dubai, don’t forget to take a troll of this place in a jeep or camelback.

  1. Jebel Maleihah

This place is famous for camel rock and marine fossils and is popular with the name Fossil Rock. Several years ago, UAE was located under the Tethys Ocean; therefore, you can find marine fossils here. Jebel Maleihah is situated on the road that connects Sharjah and Kalba,

  1. Al Lahbab desert

If you are looking for a happening safari tour with dune-bashing, sandboarding and enjoying a Bedouin-style camp, this is the ideal place. This desert with mesmerising red desert dunes is located 50km outside Dubai. Apart from its beauty, you can enjoy a traditional desert culture here.

  1. Bidayer

If you are an amateur driver, this extensive sand dune is a sorted destination for your dune bashing and quad bike riding. This desert is also called “Big Red ”, considering its terracotta red colour sands.

  1. Al Faya desert

Located 50 minutes away from Dubai, this endless stretch of sand is best for camping. Moreover, the huge gentle slope dunes welcome both expert and amateur drivers for dune bashing.

Things To Do For A Memorable Dubai Safari Tours

There are several interesting things to do on a safari tours Dubai. However, here are some of them that you should not skip at all:

  1. Camel safari

Camel safari is a part of the morning desert safari where you can take a tour of the conserved desert areas in Dubai. In this 45-minute ride, you can explore the desert wildlife in a camel convoy.

  1. Quad biking

If you are an adventure enthusiast, quad biking captivates your soul. Exploring the desert is a quad bike and is undoubtedly the best experience for a rider.

  1. 4Dune bashing

This morning desert safari activity is a must-to-do in your Dubai safari tours. Generally, you get a pickup from your camp and enjoy half an hour of an exhilarating ride in an SUV 4×4.

  1. Hot air balloon

Rising up in a hot air balloon and watching the galvanic desert and wildlife from a 360-degree view is such a thrilling experience. With a capacity of 24 persons at a time, these huge hot air balloons offer you a spectacular desert view from the top of the world.

  1. Sand ski

The smooth sand dunes with a height of 200-300 metres offer the best sand skiing for an adventurer. Imagine the silky sand under your slide, and you are gliding on them like a free bird. Isn’t it mesmerising?

  1. Night activities

Apart from these morning desert safari activities, there are several exciting nightlife activities to explore. You can enjoy fire eating, belly dancing, and swirling or get an exotic tent and enjoy BBQ dinner with friends and family.

  1. Buffet dinner

Who doesn’t relish the lip-smacking Arabic delicacies ranging from kebabs to mouth-watering hummus? Don’t miss these tempting Dubai cuisines and Iranian and Lebanese dishes in your bashing night safari trip.

  1. Late night dune bashing and stargazing

A safari remains incomplete without an overnight dune bashing. Imagine exploring the deserts at midnight and gazing at the clear sky from your SUV. The view of a stargazed sky in the middle of the night is soothing and alluring to resist.


Apart from all these activities, you can also enjoy the sunrise in a morning desert safari and sunset in the evening safari. It is a heavenly feeling to glance at the orangish sun rising from the desert and set in the sands. Don’t miss these breath-taking views in your Dubai safari tours.

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