UXR100030B-30kW 1000V EV Charging Module Presented by Winline Technology: Increasing the Charging of Electric Vehicles


Experience the future of EV charging with Winline Technology‘s latest innovation – the UXR100030B-30kW 1000V EV charging module. This cutting-edge module represents a significant step forward in EV charging technology, offering unmatched performance and reliability to meet the growing demands of EV owners and operators.

Versatile Output Voltage Range

With an ultra-wide output voltage range of 100~1000Vdc, the UXR100030B is designed to accommodate different types of EVs, ensuring seamless compatibility and convenience for EV drivers worldwide.

High-Powered Performance

Equipped with ultra-high output power under 300V~1000V output voltage, this module delivers a 30KW constant power output, enabling rapid charging sessions that minimize downtime and maximize driving range.

Wide Working Temperature Range

Operating within a full-power wide working temperature range from -40 to 55℃, the UXR100030B ensures reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions. This ensures optimal functionality even in extreme weather conditions.

Exceptional Efficiency

With full-load working efficiency of ≥95.5%, the UXR100030B maximizes energy utilization, reducing wastage and lowering operating costs for charging station operators. This high efficiency promotes sustainability in EV charging operations.


In conclusion, the Winline Technology UXR100030B-30kW 1000V EV charging module sets a new standard for excellence in EV charging technology. With its versatile output voltage range, high-powered performance, wide working temperature range, and exceptional efficiency, this module is poised to revolutionize the EV charging industry. As Winline Technology continues to innovate and lead the way in EV charging solutions, the UXR100030B reinforces the company’s commitment to advancing sustainable transportation.

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