What is football betting? The best way to bet on football.

Football betting This is an interesting feature that many people use when playing soccer betting at Bắn cá đổi thưởng. So football betting What is that? Join our betting experts Bookmaker Bắn cá đổi thưởng Find out through the article below. Let’s find out football betting What is it and how? football betting The most effective today that many people apply.
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What is football betting?

Football betting is a new betting feature that bookmakers have introduced for players to use in the past few years. Accordingly, when using this feature, you will be able to receive additional money with a small bonus rate or withdraw a certain percentage of your bet if you want. It all depends on when you choose to release the bet on a winning or losing position. Specifically, how football betting is as follows:

In case you bet on the match between Manchester United vs Chelsea. In this match, the bookmaker rates Chelsea higher with a handicap of 0.25. By the 25th minute of the match, Chelsea led MU 1-0 and you bet on Chelsea at first. At that time, your bet is in a winning position and you choose to release the bet. At that time, the house will pay the player a certain amount of money. This amount is equal or slightly higher for the player.

However, let’s assume Chelsea vs Manchester United are tied 0-0. At that time, if you choose to release the bet, it means your bet is a losing ticket. You choose to release the bet, at this point you accept losing the bet and receive a certain amount of your bet back. Even after that, if Chelsea suddenly takes the lead right after you decide to release the bet, your ticket is still a losing bet.

In the above two cases, whether you release the bet on a winning or losing position will depend on the result of the match at the time you release the bet. The way to calculate the bonus and bet amount when you release the bet is similar, specifically as follows:

Money received back = ((Original odds/Odds at release)xOriginal bet) – Initial bet

Partial bet release feature

This is a pretty interesting feature that you can choose. Accordingly, the partial bet release feature will help you withdraw a certain amount of bet from your ticket. For example, if you bet $100 and want to withdraw $50 to bet on another match, you can choose to release part of the bet. The calculation for this feature is as follows:
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Money received back = ((Original odds/Odds when releasing the bet)xThe amount of bet you want to withdraw) – The amount of bet you want to withdraw

Advantages and disadvantages of letting go of bets


When choosing to release soccer bets, you can manage your bets in a more effective way. Besides, it helps you get a small portion of your money back in case you are not confident in the ability to win the bet on the team you are choosing. In addition, releasing the bet helps you receive money immediately and use that money to bet on bets that you think have a higher chance of winning.


Football betting is a style of play that requires players to be truly flexible in every decision. Therefore, it is suitable for those who have a very sharp mind. In addition, remember that when you release a bet, even if the match ends and you are the winner, you will not receive that bonus. On the contrary, if you release the bet when you are in a losing position, you will definitely lose money.

Notes when applying football odds

To be successful in football betting, you need to remember some important points:

  • Stay calm and analyze situations to choose good bets.
  • Play one match to have full time to focus on betting.
  • You should not play with all your strength in any match to reduce risks.
  • Know how to grasp the developments of the whole match.
  • In case the opposing team still has an ace card, if it is played in the second half, it needs to be recalculated.
  • How unexpected external factors impact, for example: Snow, rain, wind, …
  • Look at the trend in which the house’s running odds change to decide whether to release or continue to hold.

Watch the match to judge and closely follow expert reviews to choose to release football bets at the right time. At the same time, you should also refer to the experiences of good football betting, they will help you bet money more accurately.


Above is detailed information on how to bet on football, how to calculate points and some tips to always win. For players like us, this feature helps salvage more or less betting capital in cases of losing bets. Therefore, you should practice your sharpness and decision-making skills, they will help you exploit football betting more effectively. So with this article, Bắn cá đổi thưởng sportsshared important information you should know before placing a bet. Wishing you all good luck!

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