What to do if mental health problems start

What to do if mental health problems start

Recently, the topic of mental health has been raised very often in society. Today there are many psychologists, coaches, tarot readers, and numerologists who are trying to help people solve their psychological and mental problems. Today, people are thinking not only about the material but also about what is going on in their heads, because they do not want to become tired, burnt-out people on the verge of depression. In this article, we will talk about what mental health is and what to do if you feel that it is not in order.

Our past

We grew up as a generation that needed to hide their emotions and feelings as far as possible. We were never expected to honestly answer the question “how are you?”. Societal norms dictated that we should always smile and say that everything is fine, even if in fact it is far from it. If you feel bad, uncomfortable, sad, and aggressive – take your will into a fist and pump it as best you can.

Today, a constantly changing world requires constant action from us – we must be active, run somewhere all the time and chase success, wealth, and a new position. If you do not answer friends or relatives for several hours in a chat, they begin to worry and think that something has happened. Today, every person should be open to the world in a 24/7 format. However, this is a consequence of blurred personal boundaries, poorly set priorities, and uncontrolled emotions.

How can you help yourself not to go crazy?

If you feel constant fatigue, apathy, and unwillingness to do anything, you may have problems with mental health. To prevent these issues from escalating into a global depression, there are a few tips you can follow to help you stay in good spirits at all times.

  1. Adjust your schedule so that you don’t go to bed on the same day you wake up. Eliminate deficiencies and revise the diet.
  2. For any kind of anxiety, whether it is related to work, personal life, someone, or something else, contact a specialist, that is, a psychologist. This will allow you to get qualified help and talk about your feelings and emotions in a safe space. And that’s a great first step.
  3. Put things in order in messengers: delete all chats that have lost their relevance, where they brought you without permission. The same goes for news channels. It seems that you can easily forget about another trash that you just read. But the brain writes, and the RAM in the head is literally filled with anything.
  4. Any form of awareness-raising, from listening to podcasts to going on retreats. Be sure to take the time to switch attention. Give different parts of the brain a rest.
  5. Any form of body-oriented practices – sports in any form, yoga, Pilates, dynamic meditation, and sound therapy. You can also try a new kind of entertainment like playing casino or betting on lightning-roulette-india.com. This will help you not only change the type of activity but also make good money.
  6. Trips out of town, preferably with no mobile connection. Nature will provide an opportunity to ground and slow down, and the lack of communication will give a well-deserved rest to the head.

Remember that mental health is an important factor in our life, which affects not only our mood but also our health and quality of life in general. Therefore, mental health should be monitored no less than physical health.

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