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What’s the difference between having a job and having a career?

It is undeniable that, today many young people are prioritizing working with what they really like, right? However, having a job and having a career, which can even be international, are completely different things!

This is clear when thinking that employment is something temporary, more immediate, usually of short or medium term. While a career is forever and lasts a lifetime!

Therefore, it is important for you to know exactly what profession you want and, above all, how you intend to achieve your goals, since everything is a matter of personal investment and experience to build, little by little, a successful career. Being sought after by the market is another point that counts in favor.

Thinking about this important moment in your life, we’ve separated some essential tips that will help you shape a great career based on incredible results. Keep reading and check it out!

What is the difference between a job and a career?

This is the first question you should ask. All because the answer is what will help you, in fact, to understand how to build opportunities both in having a good job and in opening the doors to your career.

So, check it out: a job is, in fact, an activity that will generate enough resources for you to pay the bills that are due at the end of the month, such as obligations with electricity, telephone, internet, among others.

Your career will be built with several decisions made throughout your professional life, precisely so that those end-of-the-month bills no longer bother you, in addition to being a great chance to feel fulfilled with your work. In other words, the job is something present, and your career will be the preparation for your entire professional future.

How to build a successful career?

Find courses to study

Starting a career means that you already have, at least, a certain mastery of that subject. So, the way to achieve this is with the help of courses and your own improvement. It is also worth mentioning that, by studying the area in which you intend to work, you will also be able to create great connections with teachers and future professionals.

In addition to all this, keeping up to date and constantly learning is the certainty of never failing to understand what is new in the market. Not to mention that having a good list of courses on your resume draws the attention of recruiters and companies that value studious, curious and dynamic professionals.

Don’t forget that language courses such as English, Spanish, French, among others, are extremely important to build a career with wide possibilities for employment and even professional exchange. It is worth emphasizing that many companies are looking for employees who are bilingual. Watch out for it!

Specialize in other niches

Yes! Have you ever thought about becoming a professional full of skills and able to adapt to different realities? Well, that’s the idea of specializing in various niches within your own profession. For example: if your background is journalism, learning more about tourism, contact with the public and writing for the web will give you many possibilities!

And the most interesting thing about it is that, if one day that feeling of “tiredness” or “monotony” happens in your career, it is just a matter of moving a little to another specific area and having the opportunity to gain even more experience. Nothing prevents you from having a huge curriculum full of different activities, but that talk to each other.

A valuable tip to see this happening in practice is to enlist the help of an exchange student. You can take short-term free courses in other countries, which will provide you with a real experience of how the job market works in that region. Ah, this is even better if combined with an internship or work abroad!

Make plans

Did you know that there are many people who have never made any plans for their own future? Young people and adults who simply let life go on and follow as mere spectators everything that is offered to them. Don’t be another one with that profile! Shape your career according to what you most want and see yourself actually doing in a few years.

Nothing better than making plans, setting goals and defining how you want to get there. Remember that a job helps with money and even training, but what really counts is your career. So reflect on what you envision doing in 5, 10, and 15 years, and everything will go much smoother once you have that in mind.

Hence, it is just a matter of chasing the best ways to be a successful professional, after all, having a job and having a career are actions that must always go hand in hand, so that the result is satisfactory and not just a waste of time. . But be careful: always be flexible about plans, because new paths can always be traced!

Study abroad

As we have already mentioned, studying abroad is one of the most important steps for anyone who wants to have a career worthy of a renowned and successful professional. By the way, it is good to emphasize that traveling to another country to study is a decision that, in itself, already guarantees you a good emotional background and, at the same time, with great personality.

However, it’s no use studying abroad if you don’t apply yourself with will and dedication to classes and interaction with other international students. One of the great secrets of those who make this type of investment is precisely to “disconnect” from their own country, delve deeply into the local culture and exchange as many experiences as possible with other students.

Have you ever thought if, after creating bonds and friendships, you will move to another place to work in your area? Just like you, there are other people with the same intention and who bet on this type of trip to improve a second language, in addition to increasing the circle of friends and network, which will prove to be more than important in the future!

Planning a career is something that requires a lot of dedication, but it will pay off in the years following your decision. Being indecisive or letting opportunities pass is never a good option and can hurt you in the profession. Counting on the help of tools that help your intellectual growth is, without a doubt, a basic requirement!

Having a job and having a career are two different actions, but at the same time, they need each other to happen. Don’t forget that the more experiences you have, the better for your trajectory. But everything must be consistent and with real learning, full of values, bringing you the best of the profession! Bet on the most interesting and get ahead of other professionals who do more of the same!

If you already know or have an idea of what career you want to pursue, bet on language courses, technical courses or even university courses, such as undergraduate and postgraduate courses abroad. They will support you in your future career and help you get that much-desired job opening. Studying abroad in countries like Australia and New Zealand, in addition to improving your English fluency, you will have educational institutions with international quality standards, modern and focused on innovation and you will still have the possibility to work in the job market of these countries.

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