Why You Should Be Using Automatic Capsule Counter

The pharmaceutical industry relies on the continuous evolution of current and development of new processes and machines. Automatic capsule counters have contributed to the expansion of the pharmaceutical industry in more ways than one. Below, you can learn more about the benefits of these machines.

What is an Automatic Capsule Counter?

An automatic capsule counter is a machine used in the pharmacy industry to count the number of capsules dispensed. The counter can be set to dispense one or more capsules at a time, and it will stop when the number of capsules has been dispensed. This makes it easy for the worker to track how many capsules have been dispensed, and it also allows them to check the accuracy of the dispensing process.

Benefits of Using Automatic Capsule Counter

An automatic capsule counter is a valuable tool for the pharmaceutical business. It can save time and money while improving safety and efficiency. Here Is how the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from these counters:

  1. Increased productivity – automatic capsule counter is fast. They can process hundreds of pills, tablets, and capsules in seconds or minutes. These machines take less time to process a large number of tablets, meaning a company’s productivity in the pharmaceutical industry increases.
  2. Cost-effectiveness – while manual counting seems cheap, the reality is entirely different. You need to consider the time that goes into the counting process. Since it takes longer, the productivity is low, resulting in low income. That’s more expensive in the long run than the automatic capsule counter.
  3. Error-proof – these automatic capsule counters don’t miscount. Miscounting would cause financial problems in the long run but also jeopardize patients.

Besides the abovementioned advantages, it’s also useful to mention automatic capsule counter is precise, accurate, durable, and easy to use. All these benefits add to the quality of the products, efficiency in the manufacturing and sales process, and thereby bigger revenue.


An automatic capsule counter is an important tool for any pharmaceutical company. So if you’re looking for one such machine, Pharmapack is the ideal choice.

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