Information About 6′ Parking Block For Road Safety

Parking blocks are especially used to make safe parking of cars and other heavy vehicles. This company provides high-quality parking vehicles so that you can have efficient ways of parking without getting hit by other cars.

These parking blocks are high in quality and they are available in different materials and shapes or sizes according to the demand of customers. This company also provides high-quality 6′ parking blocks for safety and safe parking.

In this article, we will provide you with all the significant information about the 6′ parking block. If you are willing to buy these high-quality 6′ parking blocks you can check the link mentioned above. But first, let’s check its further details.

Overview Of Product

This company provides the best sturdy and durable parking blocks. These parking blocks are easy to carry and light in weight. They are also made with high-quality materials that you can park your vouchers safely in. They are just 34lbs in weight.

It’s a durable material and high quality making them adjustable in different areas. They may flex on cracked or uneven surfaces. These are rubber blocks and all the hardware installation process is used. They have lots of benefits or features that are discussed below.

Features Of 6′ Parking Block

  • These high-quality 6′ parking blocks are made up of 80% virgin rubber and 20% recycled rubber to give definite resistant
  • They are heavy-duty reflexive strips so that you can easily handle and see them from far.
  • They are also impervious to harsh environments and road salts
  • The recycled rubber used in these blocks makes them resistant and hive great compatibility with the environment
  • They are safe to use on an uneven surface
  • There are specially made for parking lots
  • They are weather and vehicle contact
  • They contain 4 mounting holes for the permanent ground contract if needed
  • Overall length is almost 6ft

Other Important Information

The quality and features of these highly resistant 6′ parking blocks. They are the ultimate and perfect guaranteed parking block that will provide 100% best compatibility and durability to have safe parking in different areas like schools, and public parking. They are the perfect choice for safe parking. So now let’s check out its specification although they are available in versatile colors and sizes.

  • They have a 4×12 mm diameter of fitting holes
  • Their overall weight is almost 15 kg
  • Their bearing capacity is almost under 5 tones for cars and SUV
  • It has 8 stripes 170x 80
  • They have reflective bright yellow straps
  • They contain a two-year warranty for cones and one year warranty for their reflective tapes
  • They can be the temperature range from -20 to + 55c
  • They contain composed material and mixed rubber types


In this article, we provide a sufficient amount of knowledge about high-quality 6′ parking blocks. We try our best to provide all the information on the features and specifications of this product. Hopefully, you got all the proper knowledge about these 6′ parking blocks.

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