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Dragon Tiger New88 It also has the extremely luxurious name Dragon Tiger, which is loved by most of the house’s customers New88 select. This game is played by Trang chủ New88 Refining the interface at the stage gives you the most comfortable feeling when placing bets, in addition to countless attractive promotions. Readers, please follow the article below to learn more useful information about this game.

Dragon Tiger New88 What genre is it?

Dragon Tiger at betting website New88 – a genre of gambling for money in online casinos, the English name Dragon Tiger originates from Cambodia. With simple, quick rules that don’t waste too much of the bettor’s time, the odds of winning are very high. That’s why the Dragon Tiger genre is sought after by gamers in almost all countries.

Online Dragon Tiger of the bookmaker New88 Use a deck of 52 cards. However, you don’t have to use 1 set like the normal way to play, but you need to use 6 to 8 sets without jokers. In the fighting lobby, you do not need to fight directly with the dealer. Instead, what you need to do is find out whether the Dragon side or the Tiger side scores higher. So, the winner is you.

Instructions for playing Dragon Tiger New88 New players can grasp it immediately

Baccarat and Dragon Tiger New88 similar. So if gamers have ever bet on baccarat, the possibility of winning in this Dragon Tiger game genre is very high. Dragon Tiger though New88 Always easy to play, easy to understand and especially “easy to win big”.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules New88 basic

The first thing and also the deciding factor when playing. You must grasp the discipline, basic concepts, and calling methods in Dragon Tiger. This helps bettors not to be confused when entering the floor, leading to mistakes that can cause them to lose money.

The betting page only starts when there are enough Players and Dealers in the lobby, the cards will be divided equally among the players. In essence, it can be said that Dragon Tiger – Fighting game of two sides means betting site on one side and participants on the other side. To win, the player must have a higher score than the dealer New88.

More specifically, when entering the game, the player must choose the result first, the number of bets and capital that the player chooses to bet on are not limited. The system confirms that all bets have been placed and then begins to deal the cards, each side owns 2 cards. The results are calculated as follows: if the result matches the set bets, the result is winning, the amount deposited and the profit goes to you and vice versa. If two sides with equal scores result in a draw, this means the player will lose half of their initial capital.

Note that with the Western deck of cards used in Dragon Tiger, in addition to calculating points based on the numbers available on the card, J, Q, K count 10 points, and Ace cards count 1 point.

Specialized terminology in Dragon Tiger New88

Depending on the version, the online betting website will use different terms. But at New88 Always fix calling methods that are convenient for gamers to bet on. Join the Dragon Tiger betting game New88 You need to understand the following words to avoid unnecessary mistakes:

  • Banker/ dealer/ dealer: person of New88, they take on the role of dealing cards for gamers. In the betting website version New88, hot girls with hot bodies stood and dealt cards. So you don’t have to worry about fraud or transparency when participating in betting at New88.
  • Player/Player: means a member at our betting game floor New88.
  • Tiger/Tiger: Tiger Gate is blue, this is the place for you to put your money. If you win, you will be rewarded at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Dragon: Another way to call Dragon Door, this door is red, if you win, you get a 1:1 reward.
  • Draw/Tie: When both sides have equal scores, the system announces a Draw. The odds on this bet are 1 to 8.

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Diverse Dragon and Tiger betting options New88

As mentioned at the beginning, this is a game with extremely simple rules, diverse game portals, quick placing, quick winning. In particular, the payout rate is extremely high. Below is a detailed summary of the types of bets currently available at the house New88:

  • Draw bet: When the two sides have the same 2 cards in the Tiger – Dragon door (ie have equal scores), this game is decided as a Draw. Odds of 1:8 means betting 1 to 8 from the dealer operating the betting table.
  • Dragon Bet: Before the cards start showing, you choose the dragon door. When the result is Dragon, it means victory. Eat in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Bet on Tiger: Similar to Dragon bet, choose Tiger if the result is Tiger then win, win 1:1.
  • Big bet: Known as “big bet”. In case the player has a score of 7 big cards in his hand, he wins.
  • Small bet: Before handing out the cards, you will choose the total score. Each card is less than 7, if the betting system announces the correct result as you bet, you win.
  • Suit Bet: If you want to earn a huge amount of money, this is the door that participants should pay attention to. The participant who places an equal number of points on both sides until they win will receive a reward 8 times the original amount.

Instructions for registering a Dragon Tiger account New88

Brothers who are passionate about Dragon Tiger New88, dreaming of becoming a tycoon New88, participating in Dragon Tiger game day with 3 simple steps has easily earned hundreds of millions in bank account.

  • Step 1: Find the official link of the homepage New88 then click on “log in” (applies to users who have registered an account). If you don’t have an account, click “register”.
  • Step 2: A dialog box will appear on the computer/phone screen, please enter your username and password to participate in the Dragon Tiger experience with the dealer. New88.
  • Step 3: In the house interface New88 Drag the cursor to the Online Casino section then click “Dragon Tiger”. If there is no word “Dragon Tiger”, choose “Dragon Tiger”, then choose any casino at New88. So the gamer has entered the casino.
  • Step 4: Place bet. What you need to do is put money in the door, then wait for the final result from the dealer. Please maintain an account balance greater than 100,000 VND for convenience in betting. New88.

Bloody experience when joining Dragon Tiger New88

Understand the rules and terminology of Dragon Tiger New88 is not enough, if you want to win, you need to learn a few secrets below to become a master in the field of Dragon and Tiger.

Choose a bookmaker New88 to play

 New88 – a reliable address to participate in betting, because in the online gaming market today, there are hundreds and thousands of different large and small bookies established. Therefore, it makes bettors somewhat confused when choosing an address to place their trust. If you accidentally choose the wrong bookmaker that is not reputable, you will be scammed and lose money or be cheated in the game, causing players to lose money.

You should choose New88 – a reputable bookmaker with an international brand, licensed to operate in many countries. Special New88 is also present in the Vietnamese online game market. Above all at the betting page New88 with thousands of attractive games, diverse genres suitable for each audience and different interests.

Furthermore, web New88 Always organize promotions. To thank users for always trusting and choosing New88 is the address to satisfy passion. The website’s interface is extremely simple and convenient for choosing games and finding other information.

If any problem occurs, you can contact us New88 for support here. Gamers will have their questions answered quickly and accurately.

Maintain mentality

Impatience, restlessness, anxiety, panic, excitement… common states not only in Dragon Tiger but also in many other games. If you are not steadfast with the initial decision, gamers may receive a bitter ending. Instead, always keep yourself in the most comfortable, stable state of mind without worrying or being distracted by anything around you. At the same time, believe in yourself and have the courage to bet and you will definitely win. Psychology is the deciding factor in victory, so always be confident to wait for the best results.

Observe carefully how the cards are dealt

While the dealer is doing the card distribution process, pay close attention to each card. Analyze the position of each card’s rules through each game. Take meticulous, detailed notes to find the best rules, thus increasing your chances of winning.

Select game port

An expert in Dragon Tiger will definitely know not to choose “Draw”. The possibility of this door is very low, it only accounts for only 12.5% ​​of the total number of cards dealt.

The possibility of winning on “Tie” is very low, so you need to consider when betting, just divide the amount of money and place a little on this door. Because even if you’re lucky enough to win, the profit won’t be much. Therefore, you should consider between “Dragon” and “Tiger”.

Participate in all promotions

Promotion is a program that customers should not miss when participating in any game including Dragon Tiger. For Dragon Tiger at New88 filled with incentives to reward a percentage of interest, capital or deposit refunds. Especially when you regularly bet on Dragon Tiger at New88 You can be upgraded to a Vip account. To enjoy exclusive offers only for Vip New88.

New rookie promotion

If you are a “new recruit”, the promotions are much more attractive and diverse. With the daily betting program, logging in every day will receive additional preferential capital for betting. Therefore, it can be said that promotions are an opportunity to make money and use it to bet to increase your chances of winning and receiving huge rewards.

Control your ambitions

A common psychology is that the more you participate, the bigger the win, the more you will want to continue betting. However, know where to stop and your profits are still there. You should choose the appropriate bet level because luck will not smile on you forever. It is necessary to have a clear and appropriate plan in each game. So you will quickly get rich thanks to the house’s Dragon Tiger New88.

Through this article, we have provided readers with some valuable information about Dragon Tiger New88, along with the experience accumulated from masters. Wishing you success, big wins, high profits and relaxing moments with Dragon Tiger at the website New88.

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