How to Play Jump Chess Extremely Simple and Easy to Understand for Beginners

How to play chess Although it is very simple, not everyone knows it. Once you understand how to play, you will absolutely love this interesting game. Games not only help reduce stress but also help improve intelligence. The following article by Trang Chủ Jun88 will reveal the steps involved in the most detailed way.

Learn about chess jumping in general

The most general features of jumping flags

Chess jumping is a subject that is not picky for anyone, it can be for both adults and children. However, if you want to train thinking and observation skills, children in the developmental stage are the most suitable age. The game requires players to really have quick thinking, come up with appropriate strategies and learn How to play chess carefully.

A normal board game will have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 people. The most appropriate time to organize this game is family reunions and friends gathering. Because it is not only simply a thinking game but also helps improve team spirit and connection with friends.

Jumping chess board design

When making a jumping chess board, people often use substancesThe material is mainly wood or plastic. The chess board design depends on creativity, it can be square or circular. However, regardless of the shape, circular positions are designed on the dance board. These are called troop positions that help form a 6-pointed star in the middle.

The colors designed on the chessboard are green, blue, red, black, white, and yellow. The chess pieces will be placed on the wings of the star, 10 pieces of one color.

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Advantages of knowing how to play chess

Some advantages are only available in chess jumping

Many people can’t help but wonder what benefits playing chess brings? Before learning about How to play chess We will show you the unique advantages of this subject.

  • The game will help you train players’ thinking and quick reactions, especially children in the development stage.
  • Besides, it also helps entertain and reduce stress after a long day of studying or working.
  • In addition, it also helps connect people together as well as enhance team spirit during family reunions, gatherings of friends during holidays, Tet, etc.

After learning about the benefits of the game, many people will surely learn and participate.

The simplest way to play chess for beginners

Revealing an extremely easy to understand way to play chess

Players can search How to play chess It’s easy, but you need to choose the correct source of information. If you come across a poor source of information, it can lead to misunderstanding the basic rules of the game.

The player is responsible for jumping his pieces over the opponent’s land. Of course, if your opponent really wants to win, they must find a way to jump into your land. In the end, the winning team is the team that wins all of the opponent’s land.

  • Step 1: Players will choose the color of the troops they like before starting.
  • Step 2: The first person to play will move their pieces. You have the right to move the chess piece to any surrounding empty space. However, there must be a piece as a bridge to jump, meaning that in the box next to any of your pieces, you can jump.
  • Step 3: You can choose to jump in a straight or diagonal line. Therefore, it is best to go the long way if there is a north bridge.
  • Step 4: Players will take turns to jump pieces. The winner is the person who occupies all of the opponent’s original square.

Tricks to know when playing chess

Even though I get it How to play chess Luck is also an important factor that determines a player’s winning or losing results. So what is the secret to always winning when playing this sport? You can refer to some extremely useful tips that we share below.

Creating your own path or finding the fastest route to your opponent’s house is one of the most basic strategies. You can jump many steps and advance quickly by using any “ladder” or “chain”.

Usually the layout of the game is different because the number of players is also different. Therefore, you should apply reasonable strategies that few people use.

  • In case the goal corner in the player’s field is empty, it is definitely not the opponent’s starting place. You are completely allowed to build a “bridge” or “ladder” freely with chess pieces at opposite ends.
  • On the contrary, when the opponent has occupied the corner of your field, you must wait for the opponent’s moves to help clear it before filling the gaps on the board.

Above is the basic information about How to play chess inJun88 that readers can refer to. Whenever you want to reduce stress or improve your agility, don’t miss this interesting game.

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