Pick The Nose Rings As Per Your Face Type

Pick The Nose Rings As Per Your Face Type

Wheels of fashion do not stop and they have now brought back the glory of nose rings. These traditional jewellery pieces are now becoming a trendy accessory that are winning everyone’s heart. 

Be it a small ring or a septum ring, there is no single nose ring that is behind. Modern brides are also embracing the grace of studded naths for their big day.

So, if you were also planning to bring something traditional yet fresh to your entire attire, nose ring is a good option. But there is one thing you just cannot ignore: finding the right nose pic as per your face type. 

No doubt that you can wear any nose ring you want but knowing which one complements your face helps in making sure you hit the right spots for a dazzling look. In this article, we have offered tips and guidance on nose rings based on different face types. Check which one suits you the best!

  • Round Face

For round faces, you would want nose ring designs that can create a slim face illusion. Half-beaded nose rings are great for this purpose. You can also try half hoops with diamonds to add class and sophistication. The arch and the half-circle would highlight your features. You can also customize a half-beaded nose ring as per your choice. 

  • Long Face

Beaded hoops are your go-to nose rings if you have a long face. These are heavy and can perfectly complement narrow chins and a broad forehead. You can also play with colours on the beads. Also, if beads are not your thing, you can also try crystals or diamonds on your nose ring. Wear them on a traditional suit-salwar or saree to get an ethnic look. You can also go for small beaded hoops for western attires with a quirk. 

  • Heart-shaped Face

Those who have heart-shaped faces can try large and bold naths for a strong style statement. This is especially great for their D-day. Large naths with a long chain can draw away the attention from broad forehead and wide nose. The latkans also create a traditional look instantly. 

  • Square Face

Women who have larger noses and strong cheekbones can go for a statement nose ring that is studded with gemstones or rubis. The big accessory can take the attention away from the edges. The colourful studs will also add some extra fun to your outfit If a big ruby is not your thing, you can also go for classic stone studs in creative designs or shapes. 

  • Chiselled Face

When you have a face that has chiselled cheekbones and a pointed nose like Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone, you should opt for a nose ring that’s different yet minimalistic. Go for segment rings. These come in both gold or silver metal and are best suited for daily use. Segment rings will make sure your striking features are highlighted and you ooze elegance with every look. 

Tips For Styling Nose Pins

Even if you find the right nose pin as per your face, you will definitely need the tips we have mentioned below. These can ensure that you always have your style game right on point. Let’s begin!

  • When in doubt, go for dainty nose pins with diamond studs. 
  • If you have a large nose, try to wear a hoop nose ring. 
  • If you have a small nose, try either a half-loose stud or a tiny silver stud.
  • Those who have a wide nose can try a septum nose ring that will slim down the nose and give them a bold look. 
  • For a sharp and pointed nose, studded golden loops are perfect. They can suit traditional and western attires. 

You have an idea about nose pins and you have the tips. Now, get ready to flaunt your style to everyone. Just be confident and you can rock any of the nose pins. All the best!

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