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Commission agent NEW88 is known as an extremely attractive money-making opportunity that the house wants for all participants. If before you could only bet on prize-winning games, now you can also become an official partner of the brand. The main task of agents is simply to search and introduce New88 today reach potential customers. The article below will help you use understand more about this new policy.

Commission agent NEW88 What incentives do you enjoy?

Becoming an agent of the house not only gives participants the opportunity to earn extra income, but this activity also brings many benefits. Specifically, let’s take a look at some outstanding features:

Enjoy Level Wage attractive and stable every month

One of the notable advantages of becoming an agent of NEW88 is the ability to create a stable monthly income source. If you make an effort, your monthly revenue can reach hundreds of millions of dong. This special offer comes from the attractive commission rate that the house offers and is calculated based on the total profit achieved by the player.

This bonus is not only a good opportunity to have a stable income but also a great motivation to try to develop your career.

Commission agent NEW88 Get free communication support

Not only does it have advantages in terms of salary and bonuses, the house also owns a team of professional staff. If there is a need, members can contact for support in building an effective business strategy.

Policy of NEW88 allows providing detailed documents as well as quality advertising tools, thereby helping you increase the number of your customers. This is also the brand’s difference in building a dealer community as well as long-term business development.

Create flexible conditions in terms of working environment and location

Cooperate commission agent NEW88 not only provides flexibility in work location but also facilitates proactive management of business activities. In addition, as an agent, you can easily expand your business network and take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that the betting site offers.

3-step guide to registering as a commission agent NEW88

To be able to cooperate with the system through an agency, members first need to clearly understand the services and policies here. In addition, understanding how to participate in online betting activities is also something that should not be overlooked.

Process of becoming an agent of NEW88 is carried out through the following specific steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the bookmaker’s official website NEW88 via the latest updated link.
  • Step 2: Click the “Register” button commission agent NEW88” and complete the information according to the detailed instructions provided on the interface page.
  • Step 3: Read and carefully study the terms provided in the agent policy.

Once you have completed the above steps, submit your registration to the system. Once your request is approved, you will officially become an agent NEW88. And right from that moment, players can start marketing and advertising the house’s brand to the betting community.

Important notes when becoming an agent of NEW88

When acting as an agent of the playground NEW88, below are a few important notes for that process to take place effectively:

  • First, take the time to carefully learn about our policies NEW88. Among them, there are a few factors that you need to prioritize reading the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. This note not only helps avoid violating the contract but also ensures compliance with all house regulations.
  • When filling out the dealer registration form commission agent NEW88, ensure that you provide information that is accurate and matches your personal data. In particular, be sure to double-check your bank account number to avoid confusion or errors. Correct implementation of this regulation will help the commission payment process take place accurately and on time.
  • Only visit the official homepage of NEW88 when there is a need related to registration or agent activities. This is proposed to avoid falling into fraud or misusing fake website addresses.


Thus, the entire article above is information that players need to know before participating in the program commission agent NEW88. Hope you will have happy cooperative experiences with the dealer.

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