Top reputable soccer betting websites today in 2021

Every player who is passionate about soccer betting always wants to find a safe and reputable soccer betting website to get the best experience. So let’s go together Trang Chủ Hi88 Immediately refer to the top soccer betting websites below.

Top leading and reputable soccer betting websites today

The top reputable online soccer betting websites are highly appreciated and trusted by many players.

W88 – The safest soccer betting website

W88 is a bookmaker with a large number of players. Most people who bet on football online have heard of the name W88. Thanks to various advantages, W88 has now built a strong community of players, combined with remarkable financial potential, so W88 is even more popular with players.

Advantages of W88:

  • Supports many incentives and rich prizes for players when participating, great rewards when betting at the sports lobby.
  • Refund 0.2% every day for VIP players, and there are many other attractive rewards.
  • Diverse odds, extremely high betting odds.
  • W88 is a reputable soccer betting website, operating legally and licensed by the Philippine government.
  • Has quick deposit and withdrawal feature.
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic consultants.
  • Supports apps to play on phones

Disadvantages that need to be overcome:

  • The inventory of betting games is quite limited
  • Withdrawal transactions are still a bit slow due to too many members withdrawing money.

M88 – The leading reputable soccer betting website

M88 is also a quite famous name in the betting industry, moreover, here M88 also regularly updates many major tournaments, with many attractive bets.

Advantages of participating at M88

  • Diverse soccer betting odds, high bonus regime
  • M88 regularly updates many major tournaments with attractive competition
  • Many incentive programs support players with extremely attractive prizes.
  • M88 is the leading reputable licensed bookmaker currently granted CEZA by the Philippine government.
  • M88 security system is invested, ensuring the safety of all transactions and player information.
  • M88 interface is smart, easy to see and fast page loading speed.


  • When withdrawing money, players must participate in all 28 betting rounds to be able to withdraw money
  • Withdrawal time to account is a bit slow, about 2 to 24 hours.
  • The customer service staff took a long time to contact me because many people asked for support

Fun88 – Fun and interesting soccer betting website

Like its name, Fun88 entered the Vietnamese market and brought many fun experiences to players. Currently, as the top soccer betting website, Fun88 is always trying its best to help players.

Fun88 has been in the football market for a long time, and is a sponsor of many big football teams, enough to see the potential and ability of Fun88.

Advantages of Fun88:

  • Deposit bonuses, free bets along with many refund incentives at extremely attractive rates.
  • Support players with rewards for members up to 3.8 million VND.
  • Many prediction programs with dramatic scores.
  • Fun88 is a reputable unit with a clear business license.
  • Supports deposit and withdrawal transactions within just a few minutes, and withdrawals take about 30 minutes.
  • Professional consulting staff and 24/7 support.
  • Fun88 invests in security systems to keep players safe.

Defect: Fun88 is a bit laggy and the page loading speed is slow

188BET – Current quality football betting website

Many gamers and football bettors know 188BET< this is a unit with extremely high reputation in the market and a large number of betting participants. It was established a long time ago, but it was not until 2012 that 188BET appeared in the Vietnamese market. The bookmaker is licensed to operate by Man Isle and the bookmaker’s headquarters are in the UK.

188BET has many advantages such as:

  • Many promotions with attractive content and participation rules along with unlimited refund incentives for all players.
  • Absolute security and information encryption system.
  • The odds are high, for new players, this is an opportunity to increase their revenue.
  • The consultants are friendly and ready to assist at all times.


  • The customer connection is still quite slow
  • Promotional events are quite limited compared to other soccer betting websites.

FB88 – International soccer betting website

Established and with more than 10 years of operating experience, FB88 is currently the destination for many football betting enthusiasts. Not stopping there, FB88 is also a reputable soccer betting website, covering more than 90 countries around the world. This level of greatness is a point that many other bookmakers cannot match.

Advantages of FB88:

  • FB88 is a legal operating unit and is managed by the Philippine government and licensed by Man Isle.
  • Has huge financial potential, expanding branches in many countries.
  • Support players with diverse and rich events, with huge and unlimited refunds.
  • Absolute security system, ensuring the safety of player information when registering, trading and linking accounts.
  • Smart, streamlined interface and fast loading speed without lag.


  • Players must bet 25 rounds to be able to withdraw prizes and exchange money.
  • Payment methods are limited.
  • Withdrawal time is about 2 hours slow to complete the withdrawal.

VN88 – Soccer betting website with diverse odds in Vietnam

One of the most prestigious and vibrant units on the market, with only 3 years of operation, it has attracted many players. An extremely proud playground with many different forms of betting, guaranteed to suit the player’s preferences.


  • VN88 is a bookmaker licensed to operate legally by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation and the Philippine government.
  • Extremely majestic casino with many rich games.
  • Sports betting is diverse with many subjects, including e-sports.
  • VN88 is imbued with Vietnamese culture and a friendly interface.
  • Extremely attractive promotions, when you first register or download the app to your device.
  • Absolute information security.


  • Withdrawals must comply with the limits specified in VN88.
  • Needs a lot of documents for verification

12BET – Asia’s leading reputable soccer betting website

12BET’s market share currently occupies the majority in Vietnam, and its strong financial potential has allowed 12BET to provide services and many products that satisfy players. Many experts in the profession also highly appreciate the reputation and quality of experience here.


  • Operating legally and provided by the Philippine government with a PAGCOR license.
  • Professional staff with long-term training, dedicated service and advice.
  • Diverse sports products, attractive odds and high bets.
  • Many preferential events when players participate in betting at the sports portal.
  • Smart betting interface, smooth loading speed on computers and phones.

Defect: The deposit and withdrawal process takes a long time.

K8 – Soccer betting website that meets international standards

K8 is the king of gambling in Asia, dominating the market here for many years. And constantly improving, launching new interfaces and many interesting functions. K8 has now developed an extremely large market, covering about 50 countries.


  • K8 belongs to AG (Asian gaming) group, which is the leading entertainment group in Asia. Ensure your credibility and professionalism.
  • Extremely great betting system, supported on phones.
  • Reputable and clear payment.
  • Attractive promotions, many rules and diverse applications for different games.
  • Strong finances sponsor brand promotion.


  • Payment is not yet flexible, not supported via e-wallet.
  • The product warehouse is quite large, players take time to learn.

Vwin – Reputable soccer betting website from the UK

Vwin launched on the market in 2012 and in all those years of operation, Vwin has left many impressions in the hearts of players. In the Vietnamese market, Vwin’s position is also in the top, known by many people.

Advantages of Vwin:

  • Vwin is a legally operating bookmaker licensed by the Curacao government.
  • Has extremely strong financial potential.
  • Many different promotions and incentives for players to participate.
  • Support playing on mobile App.
  • Many forms of exchanging rewards for gifts
  • Betting products are diverse and suitable for the Vietnamese market.


  • New games are diverse, but the launch speed is a bit slower than competitors.
  • Many games are not suitable for trends in the Vietnamese market.

JBO – Asia’s leading soccer betting website

This is a bookmaker that specializes in providing all types of sports betting games with top quality. Licensed to operate by First Cagaya and managed by the Philippine government. Currently not only operating in the sports field but also a strong bookmaker in the eSports market.


  • Easy-to-see interface, strong sporty style.
  • Strong financial capital and great support for players when participating.
  • Security and safety, information is encrypted
  • Simple withdrawal and flexible payment


  • The game is quite numerous and makes it difficult for players to choose.
  • Customer consultation is not quick because many players request it at the same time.

See: Game Bài Hi88

Criteria for evaluating soccer betting websites

To be able to evaluate and find out whether a football betting website is worth joining or not, we introduce to players the following basic criteria.

Betting websites operate legally

This is the prerequisite and the most important criterion. If a soccer betting website operates illegally, it will cause many risks to participants. Some legal licenses for everyone to refer to:

  • IOM: Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Costa Rica Gambling Jurisdiction
  • FCLRC: First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation
  • CEZA: Cagayan Economic Zone Authority
  • Pagcor: Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation
  • Curacao Egaming

Interface, sound image and loading speed

The player’s experience is not only about the huge game store or the betting odds, or just talking about consulting services, but also the interface, images and page loading speed.

Image layout is the first thing players come into contact with on a soccer betting website. If it is convenient and arranged intelligently, people can comfortably learn more about the games on the betting website.

At the same time, the image must be clear, proving the professional investment of the house. Promotional banners or game illustrations must be clear and vivid to attract many players.

Furthermore, the website has good loading speed and guaranteed odds, so new players will not miss the opportunity to bet and make timely decisions.

Support deposit and withdrawal

The most important thing when participating in betting is to have capital, even though the bookmaker supports capital before participating, but to ensure future experience, a reputable soccer betting website must support deposits and withdrawals. .

Websites in the Asian market support extremely flexible deposit methods, from banks, e-wallets… but many international websites still do not support e-wallets… these are the characteristics related to this criterion. , people need to pay more attention.

Many betting websites are reputable and attract participants with many extremely attractive cash-out and reward programs. Allows players to withdraw cash to their account when they satisfy the house’s conditions.

Customer care

If you are a new player, just joining a new community, it is inevitable that you will be confused and unfamiliar with many operations and programs. That is the reason why soccer betting websites need to have a professional customer care team.

Always support customers and players promptly, providing useful information with a friendly attitude. This is the criterion that a reputable soccer betting website must have. Also supports players on many means of communication.


Since there is deposit and withdrawal support, of course there will be promotions like this. Demonstrates professionalism, understanding of customer psychology and strong finances. Players can participate in the promotion when playing any betting game without hesitation.

However, many promotions are not always good. Players need to pay attention to choosing a reputable location and read promotion information carefully when participating. Many places scam players but in reality that is not the case, so you need to be more careful.

The game is diverse and massive

Many soccer betting websites today not only provide soccer betting services but also provide many other extremely attractive services, attracting many players and enriching the community.

Some units do well in terms of variety of games and each game is very attentive, while many units do not do well because there are too many games, this is something we still have to wait for players to experience for themselves to be able to draw conclusions. This betting website has diverse and good quality games.

Security system

In addition to legal and financial issues, security is also an equally important issue. Players need to learn about the betting website and see if they are committed to the same security as the terms they offer.

Make sure your information is always safe and does not fall into the hands of any third party. The bookmaker’s technology must have investment and guarantees for all visitors.

Attractive odds

One soccer betting website reputation cannot ignore this criterion. Even with soccer betting, this is a type of sports betting with diverse odds, players can learn about the rules before participating, and find opportunities for themselves to win the bet.

Reputable bookmaker will provide extremely attractive odds suitable for many levels of players. It can be a full match bet, a half match bet or other types of bets.

In addition, there are many other factors, players can learn more about these factors through the reviews and shares of surrounding players and the online community to understand more.

Above is the information we want to share with all players about reputable soccer betting websites. To update more information, please follow us now Hi88 to learn more.

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